Do you know about a football player, Lionel Messi? Have you ever heard about Barcelona Football Club?

If you don’t concern sport or you always like sport or you are the faithful balls, Barcelona is a name which is very familiar with anyone. However, it’s not all about Barcelona because a European television programs ranked that Barcelona where is capital of Catalan origin is the top of ten beautiful and livable cities in the world, standing on the romantic Paris, prideful London, comfortable Amsterdam, picturesque Venice.

It’s true because this city has fascinating sceneries, enthusiastic people and traditional features of culture and all of them make a typical beauty for Barcelona.


When visiting this city, the first destination where you can’t miss is Camp Nou Stadium of Barcelona Football Club. It will be a memorable trip for anyone when they can visit a famous football club on the world. You will be pleased to see directly a monumental stadium and discovery the gallery where store imprints of this team after each decade, from inception hitherto through by costumes including pants, shirt, shoes. You can’t think and image that there are a huge of numbers of artifacts and more than 1.5 million photos stored in more than one hundred years of existence of the club.

Second destination attracting lots of travelers every year is Sagrada Familia Cathedral, which was built by the reputable architect Antonio Gaudi in the late 19th century. This architecture wears heavily symbolic. Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926) was the architect left many great works for Spain such as Batlo Building, Guell Park, Colonia Guell Church, etc. An interesting aspect of this work is more than a century is still unfinished Sagrada Familia. Although unfinished, Sagrada Familia still looks gorgeous, with the sharp rise tower towering tropical blue sky.

Besides being famous for special constructions and Barcelona Football Club, Barcelona has different places makes travelers always remember about this city.

A Barcelona with a long coastline where has sunny almost all of year is a paradise in cold Europe. Now, when summer is coming, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoy the sea-breeze, fresh air in here.

Furthermore, shopping in Barcelona is very interesting with the dense system stores so travelers can buy more fashion items with lower price than another city of Europe. Spain in particular is famous for Flamenco dance so if you have a change to visit Barcelona, don’t miss it and you will have a great evening to enjoy seductive dances.

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