Gateway Arch

Whenever mentioning in the USA, people first think of the works which have become a symbol of this country’s greatness. However, if comparing to the unique and incomparable, the Gateway Arch structures will surely make travelers be unexpected surprises and very interesting.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch was designed by American architect, Eero Saarinen and built by the German-American engineer, Hannskarl Bandel. With 630 feet (192 meters) in height, Gateway Arch is the highest monument in the USA. The bottom of this dome is also similar in size to the height. The legs of the Gateway Arch, one located north and one south, with equilateral triangle, each side about 54 feet (16.5 meters), made of concrete with outer steel, sprout, tilt heads together, from the ground up to 300 feet (91 meters), and is made entirely of carbon steel and ribbed steel, until joined together in the middle of the dome forming.

Inside the Gateway Arch is completely empty and there is a special system of tram taking visitors to the top of the dome up to views total nice sceneries of the city, the Mississippi River and the Illinois in side of the river.Besides, Gateway Arch has two staircases, each with 1,076 steps, so visitors use in emergencies. During construction, both legs of the Gateway Arch were made at the same time until the meet at the peak.

In 1968, a special tram system combining lifts and cable systems operating like game rotation at fairs are mounted. With this system, travelers can visit the Gateway Arch at the two entrances on the north and south of the dome.  Inside the northern leg, visitors can see the pictures and objects illustrating the design work and construction of Gateway Arch. Inside the southern leg of Gateway Arch is the historical image of the river St. Louis the 19th century.

These cars have glass windows so visitors can see everything inside the Gateway Arch in the vehicle at the top. Going near the top, the car stopped and tourists can walk out the door, into a glass enclosed area to enjoy panoramic ground, observe what happens and enjoy a Mississippi river culture.

With from the above areas, in a good sunny day, visitors can see things far away from 30 miles (47 kilometers) and it’s wonderful. If you have a chance to visit abroad, don’t miss Gateway Arch.