When mentioning in visiting Korea, anyone first thinks about Seoul and Jeju Island. Unlike Seoul City with bustle, busy people and crowed vehicles, closely high buildings, Jeju Island is depositional and calm. This island is completely suitable for the title “The Island of Peace”. Jeju is the Korea’s largest island and is also the smallest province of this country.

The island has a surface area 1.846km2. Located in the center of is a Jeju Island is Hallasan Mountain, the highest mountain in South Korea and is no longer an active volcano Thanks to locate about 130 kilometers from the mainland to the island, Jeju influenced by oceanic air masses which lead to the whether of it has cooler summer and warmer winter than another places. The highest temperature during the summer months does not exceed 33 ° C and not less than 10 ° C in the winter. When the summer comes, Jeju Island is a suitable place for avoiding hot and resting.


Long time ago, Jeju Island was the poorest region of Korea since separated from the mainland it didn’t have much arable land. People only plant orange, tangerine, peaches in here. Now, visiting Jeju Island tourists can enjoy fresh air and see large fruit gardens. Under the Feudalism, this land became a place to exile for criminals. However, since the movie “Winter Sonata” was famous, Jeju Island is known as a new tourist destination where has lots of fun. Through this films, Jeju Island is shown up with full of sparkling but also full of wild that is a reason Jeju Island has attracted millions of tourists from many countries around the world to visit.

Jeju has quite strange and unique types of tourism which makes the typical feature of this island. You can’t think and image that a short walk of about 100 meters also become tourist attractions. Koreans named it is “The Road of Ghost” because you are looking the car running uphill but the reality is the downhill. If you like the thrill, you can take the submarine to the bottom. When the ship goes down, looking through the glass sides of the ship, you can’t see directly colored lights illuminating the sides of the ship when it goes through each of the reef. Furthermore, a diver is swimming around the ship to feed vessels making up the seabed scenery shimmering, colorful brilliant. As for those you love teddy bears, visit the Teddy Bear Museum – exhibition place and introduction more than 100-year history of the most famous teddy bear on the world.

For Koreans and tourists, the beautiful of Jeju Island with a peaceful scenery, coastline with full of sunshine and wind is the ideal place for your honeymoon couples or newlyweds or the period help families stay mounts. So, if you have a free time and you want to relax after hard working period, Jeju Island is your best choice.