Louise Lake is a very beautiful lake which is formed by melting glaciers formed. This lake has a different beauty with another lake with blue and sparkling water in the sun. Louise Lake is located in Banff National Park as one of the world heritages was recognized by UNESCO in 1984. This lake is close to Lake Louise Village with about 3.1 kilometers in a distance. Lake Louise springs Victoria Glacier and be surrounded by the mountains as Temple Mount, Whyte Mount and Niblock Mount.


Lake Louise is located in the center of a large valley and surrounded by thick and interminable mountains and forests. Lakeshore is longer than five hundred meters, was built a straight rush, this is the ideal location where visitors sometime go to film and take memorial photographs. Two lakeside closely bordered on mountainside covered by full of green immense pine forests, running away from headline on the peaks removed by snow-capped.

Initially, this lake was called as Emerald because of the blue color of the water in beautiful places. But not long after, it was renamed to honor with Princess Louise Caroline Alberta Louise, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria’s England. Local people explain that the reason why the water of Louise Lake has jade green due to powder stone from Victoria rivers melting ice into the lake.

Visiting Louise Lake, tourists are not only admired the unique natural beauty of the lake’s water  but also can go up above to visit the legendary Victoria glacier and see the majestic mountains of the Rocky Mountains, one of the seven wonders of Canada.

At Louise Lake, there are three attractive destinations as Louise Lake, Louise Lake Village and Louise Lake hotels. In the winter, visitors often come here for skiing, fishing on the frozen lake, or skating. In the summer, blue sparkling water of Louise Lake is in beautiful sunshine to bewitching. Rising sun reflects light and cool golden sunshine into surface of the lake makes the air in this place start warmer and the scenery become more brilliant and poetic to magic. In this season, tourists come here to go on foot or on horseback to the mountains, boating, go fishing.

For Canadian and tourists, the beautiful of Louise Lake with peaceful scenery, blue water, quite sunshine and imposing mountains is the ideal place for your honeymoon couples or newlyweds or the period help families closer. So, if you have a free time and you want to relax after hard working period, Louise Lake is your best choice.