Paro Taktsang monastery

Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in South Asia at the Eastern end of the Himalayas. Bhutan is called as the Happy Country where brings a natural and mysterious, supernatural beauty. Being a country with a Buddhist tradition, Bhutan has a lot of specific structures as temple, monastery, fortress which makes strong impress for anyone set foot in this country. As one of typical constructions of Bhutan, Paro Taktsang Monastery is considered the most supernatural place hiding different beauty which you can’t find in anywhere.

Paro Taktsang Monastery is located in a cliff of granite with a height of over 3,000 meters above sea level and hides among the clouds and looks down the Paro valley at a height of 900 meters.

Paro Taktsang monastery

Paro Taktsang monastery is also known as the Tiger’s hideout.  This is a place where Buddhists and people of Bhutan reverence specialy because it is associated with the study and practice religion process of Padmasambhava.  Paro Taktsang Monastery was built around Taktsang Senge Samdup where is convinced that Padmasambhava lived within three months when he arrived at Paro Taktsang in the eighth century. In 1692s, during a visit to the holy Paro Taktsang, Druk Desi Tenzin Rabgye Fourth laid the foundation to build a monastery in Paro Taktsang to commemorate    Padmasambhava. From then, Paro Taktsang monastery has undergone much restoration and repairNowadays, Paro Taktsang monastery ensemble looks very majestic and mighty surface above the steep cliff.  This monastery consists of four main power house and the living quarters designed wisely, customized according to the terrain of

rocky cliffs and caves. Around the area of the monastery Paro Taktsang is eight caves, of which four are easy to visit, the harder the other four. Monastery was built on a cliff and the parts of the monastery are connected by the stairs and walkways paved by stone. Around every shrine, there are balconies where is the ideal place for tourists looking at the beautiful Paro valley from above.

There are several different roads leading to the Paro Taktsang monastery. Around the monastery is both a vast pine forest. A distinctive feature of the Tibetan Tantric monastery is that has many colorful flags banners printed the words of the prayers or incantations and they were spread around the monastery as well as on the walkway leading up monastery. Some days, all of the Paro Taktsang monastery and Taktsang Mountains gets sinking into the clouds and creates a space dim and magical space. If tourists visit the monastery on this occasion, they will feel like loosing in a fanciful and unreal world.

Coming to Paro Taktsang monastery travelers can unleash see ancient structures and majestic mountain views, and listen to the waterfall as shattered the tranquility of the mountains. What a wonderful place!