Sagano Bamboo Forest

Sagano Bamboo Forest is located in Arashiyama, a district on the west outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of the most amazing natural sites in Japan.

One of the most interesting facts about Sagano Bamboo Forest is the sound which the wind makes while it blows amongst the bamboo. Amazingly , this sound has been voted on as one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan” by the Japanese government.

Sagano Bamboo Forest is located in Arashiyama, a district

As mentioned, Sagano Bamboo Forest is not too far from Kyoto’s main streets – (30 minutes by train). Only 30 minutes or so from the bustling Kyoto city center, the towering bamboo forest is an almost shocking contrast to the urbanity surrounding it. Wooden paths weave through the dense thicket of tall bamboo stalks that reach dozens of feet into the sky, creating a canopy.

Another interesting fact –the railing on the sides of the road is composed out of old, dry and fallen parts of bamboo.

The Japanese have a long history with bamboo, in myths and legends, Many festivals also include the use of bamboo in various forms. We can see that from

bamboo ice cream cups, buildings and fences. However, it is not often, we get the chance to see bamboo forests in their natural state that grow thick and line the path like they do here.

You can rent a bike or stroll the path to enjoy the beautiful sight of sunlight shining through the bamboo grove, casting soft shadows on the path. Especially when the wind blows through, you can see moving images exuding a tranquil feel. That is the true charm of these forests of the east.

You can also take a rickshaw ride from the young Japanese men and go through the bamboo forest path and around Arashiyama if you want. The price will be around 5000-7000 yen depend on where you want to go.

Strolling though the bamboo forest you just have to prepare yourself and your camera to take this wonderful path. In Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forest, on the outskirts of Kyoto, towering green stalks of sway in the wind, creaking eerily they collide and twist, leaves rustling., created interesting for forest.

f you’ve ever clicked on a rundown of “places to see before you die” or a compilation of the most beautiful forests in the world, chances are you’ve seen a photo of Sagano.

If visitors can find a time to visit the bamboo forest when it is relatively empty the combination of visual beauty and auditory calm may be one of a kind. Please once came here to feel the mysterious beauty of Japanese Sagano bamboo forest