The best cloud backup services available today

1.Code 42 CrashPlan
Code 42 offers both small entrepreneurs and enterprise-sized companies backup plans. Plans start at six dollars every month for one user. In terms of a large plan, you have to require for a price quote. Affordable managed services are available for users who do not have dedicated Information Technology resources.

Apart from storage size, Code 42 plans are quite different from other plans. For instance, monthly costs will increase if you would like to add such services as compliance support, geo-redundant storage, legal hold abilities, discovery features as well as data activity control. Co-branding is available for enterprise subscribers. Three paid support plans are available as well.
What is more, although this business cloud backup service is not as big and popular as Amazon, it is still a big competitor as many users prefer its flat rate pricing for stored data. One of the aspects making Code 42 prominent is its security tools. All services should provide technologies in order to support you to keep your data secure, yet Code 42 particularly offers file movement reporting that can help you keep track of your sensitive details, even though it is shared by an employee, so that you will be able to manage your compliance problems as well as preserve customer’s data. Moreover, it provides reports for controlling endpoint activities such as removal or portable media, movement ò files to personal cloud storage services, file uploads and pattern matching scans. These tools seem to be so helpful in terms of controlling this kind of information.

Regarding to recovery, it can restore dissimilar devices including across platforms. Professional services are available when you need. For example, a hardware will be delivered to you at a fast pace if you require for a fast restore to be completed. Moreover, a user can restore their own files without any support from IT, even to a mobile device. Especially, the administration console is able to manage over 100 thousand users. The dashboard offers visual reports on usage, and you are able to manage all of your devices as well as users via it. Also, you can adjust accounting settings as well as manage your account. Nevertheless, it seems that the mobile application is just for backing up files, rather than for management.
2.Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is rather similar to Amazon Web Services in terms of its size. It is assisted by 26 data center regions as well as is available in over 140 countries. In order to estimate the cost of this service, Microsoft provides you with a pricing calculator. And to utilize the calculator, you will have to know about your infrastructure as well as your expected usage. Similar to Amazon, it charges by usage experience rather than a flat monthly rate. Furthermore, it offers hot and cold storage choices. Hot is used for frequently accessed data and Cool is utilized for long-term and static storage.

Moving to the next point, Microsoft Azure service supports virtual machines and networks, Linux machines, application gateways, VPN gateways, containers, load balancing, bandwidth throttling and many others. Efficiently, all products of Microsoft Azure are also supported as well as such programming tools as Java Script, Python, PHP, Java, .NET and Node. You can operate it for IAAS functions and fore applications used to support clients.

Last but not least, a wide variety of security choices are available and some are appropriate to meet compliance needs. It provides encryption, access management, token and access signature support, virtual disk encryption and many others. The Azure service agreement makes sure at least 99.9 percent of availability for both standard services and the security center, which is really ideal.